Evicting Travellers

Any situation where a traveller or a group of travellers settles in a vacant property and refuse to leave the premises comes under force occupation. Under litigation, the homeowner or the property owner has exclusive rights to allow or deny any person to occupy his property. If someone tries to occupy a personal property or settle in a place in the absence of the owners, then the owners may pursue the traveller eviction process. An eviction process is the means through which a landowner will pursue the travellers and make them leave their premises. While people may find it difficult to get back their occupied property but if they follow the travellers' eviction process they will find a settlement to this issues and force the trespassers to surrender the property back to the true property owner.

Extra information about traveller eviction

The eviction process begins by the landowner where the landowner approaches the occupier and formally ask them to leave his premises. By regulation, the landowners are not allowed to use any force on the travellers and back out from any hostile situation. Under no circumstances, the homeowner should use physical force to remove the trespasser. After formally informing the occupier by a personal visit or sending a registered mail, the property owners have an option to reach out to certified enforcement agencies that help reach a resolution within the legal limits. The agencies work under the rules and regulation of their region and are also well-versed with the safety requirements and will reach out to the travellers ensuring the safety of everyone.

Another way to start this process is to reach out to the police. However, this is a legal matter and police will check the situation and will react to the occupation after receiving courts directive. So when police help is part of eviction process it comes with a court issued eviction notice.

The process of taking the matter to court is costly and can take more time to resolve the issue. Another way to handle this situation to hire private agencies. The private agencies will document all details of the forceful occupancy and if any other assets are also taken by the travellers. Eviction is a complicated process with many legal limits, so when an agency comes in they take care of all the matters including any legal proceedings if they become necessary for the eviction.

Legally the court will issue a notice of eviction and such notices hold legal repercussions. If the traveler refuses the court notice, it is in the legal rights of the homeowner to use the police to help with the eviction matter and the traveller is removed from the land using police force. He may also face conviction and have to face the court for refusing their notices of eviction. Where traveller eviction may seem a complicated process, however, if you have a proper representation of lawyers, agencies, or other certified services who deal with eviction matters, you will be able to handle this difficult situation. Never allow yourself to take the matter in your own hands and follow the legal rules and rights you have.